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Simple way to manage your business and Customer

Appointment booking and queue management for SMEs – for success in the Covid-19 era


WaitlessQ for Social Distance Success

WaitlessQ is the simplest way to keep customers happy, free up your time, and help stay Covid-compliant. You’ll find a host of features, all built for SMEs to manage queues and appointments – effortlessly. Getting started is super easy. Just add some schedules, import contacts, add notes, and you’re ready!

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Why Choose WaitlessQ?

Keep Customers Happy

Running late or need to cancel? WaitlessQ messages your clients in plenty of time, building trust, loyalty and transparency.

Promote Your Business

Get your own online business page. Direct clients here for updates, ads and newsletters.

Great for Groups

Share schedules with partners and clients, chat and book plans, give status updates. Keeps everyone on the same page – literally.

No Downloads, No Hassle

WaitlessQ works with or without an app – on any device. Just go online, login and everything is available to you and your clients.

Socially Distanced

Automatic scheduling keeps customers safe and waiting areas clear. Remote check-ins keep crowds and contact at a minimum.

Data Insights

Know what’s happening right now with appointments. Analytics show where your time goes and where you can improve processes.

Getting Started is Super Easy
Add Your Schedule

Add Your Staff


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Built for Small Business Like You


Caseloads made easy

Offer the perfect self-service experience. You and your clients can both book appointments, chat, and Instantly see queue progress.


Groups Made Great

Everything you need to quickly set up socially distanced training routines. View and organize member information so you always know who’s attending.


121s made wonderful

Enjoy real-time insights so you can see who’s delayed, and prevent potential covid risks before they happen. Clients can also quickly update, request or cancel.

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Our Industry Specialization

WaitlessQ is the best for any industry around the world. We have specialize at any globe business and always innovate with many features.


The extra pair of hands you need for your SME

It’s free forever

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Real-time notification

Built for today's on-demand world

Displays positions in the queue

Keeps clients informed and satisfied

One tap for booking time slots

Simpler and faster than via phone call

Web-only options

Can be used without an app

Smart time management

Estimates delays for you

Easy to use

Designed for you and your customers

Always available

Your personal assistant who never needs annual leave

Get WaitlessQ for free, it’s limited

join today and pay absolutely nothing – ever

*Limited for first 100 users who registered now
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